Gordian Knot

The Project Euler of Felicity

The contest has ended.

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For the real world counterparts of Charlie Eppes, of Numb3rs, the annual Project Euler-styled mathematical contest is back as the paradise for lovers of mathematics and computing.

  1. There are 10 levels in all. Each question carries some points depending on its level. For unlocking each level, there are some requirements.

  2. Requirements for Unlocking Level:
    • Solve 3 questions in the previous level
  3. Point Distribution:
    • For any question in a level, correct answer fetches (level * 100) points.

    On completion of any level, bonus points are awarded in the following manner:
    • (level * 20) - Number of submissions in that level

  4. Each wrong attempt on any question will have a penalty of 30 seconds, on that question.

  5. Tie in scores will be resolved, first by level, then by timestamp.

  6. Any attempt to play with the system would lead to disqualification.

Event Details

All times are in UTC+5:30.

Starts: 12:00 AM, 17th Jan 2015
Ends: 12:00 AM, 19th Jan 2015
Contact Email: gordianknot@felicity.iiit.ac.in